Stage 2: Purification of the Mind

Sins of the Mind – Levels 1 to 10 Introduction Alhamdulillah and Congratulations on reaching the second stage of purification, the purification of the mind. It is true, not many people actually reach this stage, so have a little celebration. Many students actually say, “this is where the magic happens” and it was certainly true […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Stomach

Sins of the Stomach Introduction If we can gain control of the desires of our stomach the rest is easy, as eating excessively causes an increase in all our desires and tiredness in the body. Summary of Sins to Avoid Excessive lawful eating & drinking Unlawful eating & drinking Taking drugs Consumption of foods with […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Feet

Sins of the Feet Introduction The best thing is to avoid being in places where sin is more likely to occur, as sinful places have Shayteen there encouraging immoral behaviors. We should avoid these places, otherwise when we pass away we will be raised on the Day of Judgement with these people as if one […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Private Parts

Sins of the Private Parts Introduction By controlling our sexual desires it will certainly save us from great harm in this world and the next. “Whoever guarantees me (the chastity of) what is between his legs ( i.e. his private parts), and what is between his jaws ( i.e., his tongue), I guarantee him Paradise.” […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Hands

Sins of the Hands Introduction What we do with our hands can greatly benefit us in this world and also the next. We can either use our hands in a useful positive way to create goodness and wealth or we can use this gift in a negative way causing harm to others, which will eventually […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Ears

Sins of the Ears Introduction There are great benefits in this world and the next for avoiding committing sins with our ears, as what we hear is like pouring goodness or poison into our minds, which we then reflect over and act upon. If we listen to beneficial talks and advice and education then we […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Eyes

Sins of the Eyes Introduction Our eyes are a direct feeder into our mind, images that we see cannot be erased from our mind, hence we need to be very careful of what we look at. Summary of Sins to Avoid Gazing at the opposite sex Watching unlawful films Looking at obscene magazines or newspapers […]

Stage 1: Purification of the Tongue

Sins of the Tongue Introduction Controlling one’s tongue has great benefits in this life as well as a positive impact on one’s hereafter. By intentionally managing our words, we will stop causing upset to people and as a result people will start to like us more and we will be more successful in this life […]