We cordially invite you to a transformative and eye-opening lecture,
“BETRAYAL: The Fallacy of Fake Friends and False Hope.”

Beyond the Mirage

Embracing Authentic Connections and
Realistic Optimism

At some point in our lives, we have likely encountered individuals who appeared to be true friends, only to reveal themselves as deceptive companions, leaving us feeling betrayed and disillusioned.


In this compelling event, we will delve deep into the deceptive world of disingenuous individuals, uncovering the truth about betrayal that often lurks in unexpected corners.

What You Will Achieve

🔍Gain Powerful Insights: We will explore the Quranic teachings and the invaluable wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) to equip you with the tools to identify deceitful companions and misleading hope.


🚧 Set Boundaries: Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, protecting yourself from those who may take advantage of your trust and kindness.


💕 Foster Authentic Connections: Discover the path to cultivating genuine and sincere friendships, built on mutual respect and trust, which stand the test of time.

💔 Heal Emotional Wounds: Empower yourself to heal the wounds left by betrayal, fostering personal growth and resilience in the face of adversity.

🤝 Strengthen Community Bonds: Let us come together as a community, supporting one another in this journey towards building lasting and trustworthy relationships.

❤️ Open your heart to the reality of betrayal: Learn how to establish healthy boundaries, protecting yourself from those who may take advantage of your trust and kindness.

May Allah bless us with true companionship and protect us from the deception of false friends.

Our Speakers

Dr Shah Alam

PhD in Polymer Sceince & Technology, Lead Scientist, Self-Development Coach, Qualfied Instructor

AbdurRaheem Dabbagh

Public Sector, Qualified Instructor & Self-Development Coach

Imam Qais Miah

BSc Computer Science, Business Manager & Lead Imam. Studied in Jamia Al Karam, Instructor & Self-Development Coach, Qualified Instructor

Sajid Hussain

Optometrist, Entrepreneur, Self-Development Coach, Qualified Instructor

Majid Hussain

Barrister, Tax Director, Qualified Instructor & Self-Development Coach

Harun Dabbagh

Meta Digital Marketing Lead, Entrepreneur, Mental Health Advisor, Qualified Instructor & Self-Development Coach

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Shining a light on fake friends and false hope, learn to equip ourselves with invaluable insights to safeguard against deception and avoid the pitfalls of unrealistic optimism. Understanding these intricacies will empower us to build genuine, supportive relationships while fostering a balanced perspective on hope that embraces both aspiration and pragmatic realism. Through this journey, we can strive to navigate the complex landscapes of human connections and aspirations with wisdom, resilience, and emotional integrity.


👤  All are Welcome

📍  Acklam Green Centre, Stainsby Road, Middlesbrough TS5 4JS

🗓️  Saturday 13th January 24

🕑  5pm – 7pm

🎟️  £5

Newcastle upon Tyne

👤  All are Welcome

📍  Leonardo Hotel, Scotswood Road

🗓️  Saturday 4th November 23

🕑 2.30pm – 4.30pm

🎟️  £5


👤  All are Welcome

📍  Yasin Banquieting Suite, 130 Beeston Road, Holbeck, Leeds  LS11 8BB

🗓️  Saturday 11th November 23

🕑  2.00pm – 4pm

🎟️  £5


👤  All are Welcome

📍  Pakistan Muslim Centre, Woodbourn Road, Sheffield S9 3LQ

🗓️  Saturday 18th November 23

🕑  6pm – 8pm

🎟️  £5

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