Stage 1: Purification of the Feet

Sins of the Feet


The best thing is to avoid being in places where sin is more likely to occur, as sinful places have Shayteen there encouraging immoral behaviors. We should avoid these places, otherwise when we pass away we will be raised on the Day of Judgement with these people as if one of them.

Summary of Sins to Avoid

  1. Meeting Non-Mahrams with unlawful intentions
  2. Going to the houses of Shaytaan, the pubs, clubs, cinemas and vain places
  3. Going to places which persuade your Heart and Sensual Organs to commit sins

Explanation of the Sins

1. Meeting Non-Mahrams with unlawful intentions

In general, meeting Non-Mahrams without a valid reason is unacceptable, let alone going out of your way and meeting with them for unlawful reasons. Do not let your feet commit such a deed as your feet will be testifying against you on the Day of Reckoning. Meeting Non-Mahrams is the catalyst to committing many other sins such as sins of the eyes, sins of the tongue, sins of the hands and so on.

It is the small deeds that lead us towards committing the greater sins and also the source of Allah’s ﷻ anger. Good and evil deeds are like boxes which contain either the pleasure of Allah ﷻ or the wrath of Allah ﷻ. We should refrain from opening the boxes of evil deeds as we do not know which of the boxes could contain the wrath of Allah ﷻ, and lead us to the gates of the Hellfire.

2. Going to the houses of Shaytaan, the pubs, clubs, cinemas and vain places

Visiting the aforementioned places is unlawful as these places are filled with the small and large Shayateen who try their utmost to lead people astray and thus these places are where major fitnas take place. Those are the wretched palaces of Shaytaan and so we should not enter those places as they are devoid of the fruits of goodness and instead one will leave taking the poisoned fruits, snakes, scorpions and the wretched companions who will accompany you in the grave.

In these places a person would not only be committing a single sin, but numerous sins such as of the tongue, hands, ears, stomach and eyes. A person may be speaking in a wrong way, a person may touch wrong things, listen to music, consume haram and see wrong things. Why should we indulge in this? These places are not places where Allah ﷻ and his Prophet ﷺ are remembered, but rather where Shaytan and his misleading disciples are remembered. We should not even walk past them, because they are places that give off bad auras which may lead people to step inside.

3. Going to places which persuade your Heart and Sensual Organs to commit sins

This sin is linked to sin number one (1) above. Walking towards the wrong deeds is unlawful as a person will not only be sinning the minor sins, but one may also commit a major sin in the process such as adultery. When one follows their desires to do wrong, then they are driven to commit sins whether they are major or minor, Allah ﷻ the Most High says in the Divine Revelation:

“And go not nigh to Fornication, surely it is an indecency and an evil way.” Quran 17:32.

Allah ﷻ the Exalted clearly warns us not to even go ‘close’ to such a sin, as it is an evil way and an indecent act. So even going to a place that will affect your heart and organs in such a way is wrong because once you commit the small deed you have already pulled the pin out of the bomb and it is only a matter of time before you are bound to explode into the sin.

So one should stay fully aware of their actions and their consequences, as well as to understand that this is a serious matter. Some say that, ‘We are strong, we will not get close to the major sin through the smaller sin’. For example adultery through unlawful glances, but as mentioned earlier, it is like pulling the pin out of a bomb, if it doesn’t blow up sooner it will definitely blow up later, so beware of this deception of Shaytan.