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Fasting Beyond Hunger & Thirst - Inner Dimensions of Fasting

Summary: Learn how to practically transform Ramadan to attain spiritual fulfilment and self-mastery.

It may be like millions of people each year you also fast with devotion and eagerness wishing to attain its celebrated goals. However, by the end of it you still feel pretty much the same as you had started out with. Like many, if this is how your Ramadan is and has been constantly for many years, then there is something wrong.

Ramadan has a divinely ordained purpose as a month to attain closeness to Allah through self-reformation. The question is how do you practically achieve this?

Join our free event open to both brothers and sisters (segregated) where we will be exploring:

1. The Purpose of Ramadan from the Quranic and Prophetic teachings

2. The 8 practical levels of practising the ‘Spiritual Fast’

3. How best to organise your time to get the most out of this blessed month


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