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Starting 29th April 2024

The UK Academy of Islamic Sciences is back with these exciting online modules.

Which ones are you going to choose?

💫  Join our 12 week online courses to broaden your knowledge in a range of subjects


🕋  Fiqh Level 2: Nurul Idha

•  In-depth guide on the do’s and don’ts of the 5 pillars of Islam

💡  Tazkiyah – Character & Spiritual Development: The Path of Muhammad ﷺ

•  Comprehensive look at overcoming diseases of the heart and inner self Navigating daily rituals according to Qur’aan and Sunnah

🗣   Arabic Language: Mastering Arabic Level 2

•  Conversational Arabic Basic rules and grammar usage

💷   £40/Module

🗓   Week commencing 29th April

🎥   Pre-recorded lessons

🧕🏽  Sisters only

📍 Online interactive Zoom modules with weekly recordings and Whatsapp Q&A for all participants