The Quest for Meaning

Friday & Saturday

12 & 13 July 2024

A thought-provoking gathering 

💡  Rediscover Your Origin:

Explore the depths of your origin and heritage, connecting with your roots and understanding the significance of your existence.

♥️   Unveiling the Seerah & Sunnah:

Drawing from the life and teachings of the beloved Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, we will delve into the profound wisdom that reveals the true essence of who you are.

🌍   Embracing Your Belonging:

Discover where you truly belong, both spiritually and in the wider Muslim community, as we unravel the purpose and meaning behind your journey.

Coming to 2 Cities Near You:



👥   Open to all 

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🎟️    Free


🗓️   6.30pm Friday 12 July 2024

📍   Centre Du Plateau, 2275 St Joseph Blvd East, Montreal, Quebec, H2H 1G4


🗓️   2pm Saturday 13 July 2024

📍   Jamia Masjid Al-Aqsa, 507 Pitt Street, Cornwall, ON, K6j3R4


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