14th to 27th February 2024

Embark on an inspiring journey to peace at our Global Peace Mission in Bangladesh!

🕊️ Join us under the theme “From Inner Peace to Global Harmony,” where we’ll guide you in cultivating personal serenity, building regional connections, and contributing to a harmonious world.

Your presence will make a positive impact!

Tour Schedule

Hotel Ornate
30, Bijoy Nagar
Dhaka, 1000
Date: 15th February

Hotel Noorjahan Grand
Waves 1 Dargah Gate
Sylhet 3100
Date: 18th February

Prime Park Hotel
Plot 58, Block C
Hotel Motel Zone
Cox’s Bazar 4700
Date: 21st February


1) Child-Adolescent and Guardian Program
Date: 24 February.
Loation: DC Park Chittagong, Markazul Ilam Madrasah, Chittagong.

2) Alem-Ulama and Musalli women and men program
Date: On February 25
Location: Nuria Gani Ul Uloom Islamia Fazil Madrasa, Sitakund, Chittagong.

3) student-teacher program.
Date: February 26
Location: Veterinary University Chittagong.
Managed by: ICBL

4) Visit ICBL office
Date: 27th February.
Location: Khulshi,Chittagong City
Managed by: ICBL