Choose a 12 Week Zoom Course

Starting 1st Week of

January 2024

The UK Academy of Islamic Sciences is back with two exciting online modules commencing in the New Year:

Which one are you going to choose?

📘  Level 2 Tajweed – live sessions on Zoom to perfect your recitation

📗  Aqeedah Tahawiyyah – delve into the beliefs of the Ahlul Sunnah Wal Jama’a with Imam Tahawi’s detailed commentary


🧕🏽  Sisters only

📍 Online interactive Zoom modules with weekly recordings and Whatsapp Q&A for all participants

🗓️  Courses starting 1st week of January 2024 for 12 weeks

🎟️ £60 Tajweed course, £40 Aqeedah course