Tongue sheet- advice on feeling like thoughts and words are being repressed, resulting in further anger or distress

There needs to be a healthy way for the person to process their emotion. Violating the tongue is not a healthy and/or sustainable way to manage emotions. Not only does it harm one in this life (e.g. swearing at loved ones or backbiting friends) but also in the Hereafter.

So, the answer would be: find healthy ways to manage those thoughts and feelings as bottling them up is not good. Example of what one can do:

  • Talk to a trusted friend and/or mentor about the situation with the intention of finding a solution to the situation and/or event. For more acute situations one should also consider counselling and therapy.
  • Write your thoughts and feelings in a personal journal – this helps to externalise the feeling.
  • Exercise – physical activity has been proven to help us process emotions and reduce stress.

Practice Du’a with Inner Presence – turn to Allah azzawajal and ask him to remove this feeling or problem you have encountered.

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