As the title indicates, this I’tikāf represents a gathering of seclusion in the remembrance of the Divine, Surrounded by Righteous company, In effect breathing in the Perfumes of Paradise.

Join us for a Golden Opportunity to be in the Presence of the Luminary, Shaykh Ahmad Dabbāgh, Principal of UK Academy of Islamic Sciences.

Date – 20th Ramadān (Date subject to moon sighting)
Duration – Ten Nights
Time – Commencing at 18:00 GMT

  •  Learn the Essence of Connecting to Allāh
  • Understand and Equip yourselves with the tools of adopting the Qualities of Excellence the Prophet ﷺ
  • Immerse into the Love and Teachings of the Qur’ān with interactive sessions throughout
  • And Much More +

Brothers can join physically on a first come first serve basis, yet every individual can join virtually as we will broadcast the complete I’tikāf for your Spiritual Experience.

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Fruits of knowledge & character building training taught at Prophetic Path.

Have you ever wondered what islam really wants from you?

Have you ever questioned what the end product of islam is?

How is a muslim really supposed to behave?

Is it all just about outward worship or is there more to it?

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