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Our Whole Story – The Journey of the Soul

About the Course: 1 Lesson 24 Minutes of teaching By the of the course you will learn: About our life before we entered into this world The purpose of this world and the next world we will be going to.

The Angels Retreat

About the Course: 8 Lessons 7 Hours of teaching By the end of the course you will learn: About the true essence, nature and responsibilities of Angels How to make an effective dua The benefits of protection by reading the daily Adkars Increase of knowledge and belief in the unseen And much more

Purification of the Heart Course

ABOUT THE COURSE: Self-paced learning Action-focused learning 6 Pre-recorded Sessions DISCOVER THE HEART OF ISLAM The heart of the Islamic tradition is rooted on developing your connection with Allah through radical reformation of the human soul. In this course you will uncover the link between each practice of Islam and its connection to its spiritual …

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Fruits of knowledge & character building training taught at Prophetic Path.

Have you ever wondered what Islam really wants from you?

Have you ever questioned what the end product of Islam is?

How is a Muslim really supposed to behave?

Is it all just about outward worship or is there more to it?


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